The First Pitch

Sunday, 12 July 2009

When we arrived at KVAL Cap Night, the line stretched around the block. Folks wanted their free caps and we ran out quickly (not too cool).

The weather was gorgeous and I was very nervous about my duty of throwing out the first pitch. No practice session for me - but I stood under the grandstand before stepping out on the field jumping up and down and warming up my arm.

Kingsley gave me this advice: "Throw at the catcher's head." Dino, our promotions manager said: "Throw as hard as you have ever thrown the ball and throw it as high as you've ever thrown the ball." Nick, our sports guy said: "Stand on the mound when you pitch so people respect you". Brian, the man who walked me out to the mound said: "Don't worry, you can step up closer so you don't bounce it."

To compare my pitch to others', please take a look at the below examples.
The first one is not even close.

How annoying is this guy? And he practiced!

President George W. had to walk to the front of the mound.

And Mariah Carrey - embarrassing with her heels and diva, half-hearted throw.

So, here goes my pitch, from the mound, exactly where the pitcher stands. Keep an open mind...

I was so shocked that I got it over the plate that I kissed the poor catcher on the cheek when he gave me the ball. He is 19 and still has braces so I'm sure he was thinking: what is this old woman doing but hey, I wanted to jump up and down and hug someone. Yay for baseball and some girls aren't half bad!


Anonymous said...

Fab pitch, darling! You did great - showed it to Bert. He was very impressed! Sooo much cooler than Mariah.


Chris F. said...

Job well done!

Joanna said...

I doubt he thought you were an "old woman" and probably loved that kiss on the cheek! The crowd did. :) Good job. I'd probably end up pulling a muscle - like every time I attempt doing cartwheels just to prove that I still can.

Sh'shank said...

You are stronger than you give yourself credit for!!!
That was very cool! But how do you get to make the first pitch? Is it like a lucky draw or something???

Anonymous said...

very cool pitching honey you are a natural i love it xxx perfect aim for the head xx

Denae said...

Thanks so much dearest friends (and hubby) for your comments. Yes, I was absolutely shocked that it worked out. I do well under pressure. Wish you were here, Casey, to go to the game with. Haaa.