MJ Memorial Media Coverage

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Complaining
So many complaints today on Twitter and FB and phone calls in the newsroom re: Michael Jackson's memorial. The trend I'm seeing is: most white religious, white conservatives and white senior citizens do not want to see anymore about him. No worries, the coverage will die down, I promise. BUT there were millions of people all over the world crammed into theatres mouring him during the memorial. I watched video from 20 countries when I got to work. Whether you like it or not, MJ impacted the world (you know, the space beyond the U-S). Not only that, he has received more awards than any other singer of all time. He was awarded 8 Grammys on Thriller alone and his album stayed at the top of Billboard Charts for 122 weeks. That is an insane amount of time for the public to like certain music.

The Facts
Also, 1. There are no facts on record that he died of a drug overdose. 2. There are no facts on record that he was a peodophile. My journalistic feelings are coming out here but I'm so tired of getting this call: "Why are you playing news stories about that sick druggie who molested little boys!? Me and Papaw are switching the channel!!!"

Please, if Michael Jackson coverage upsets you, I understand. My advice? Turn off your television, do not go online, do not read a newspaper and stop talking about him. I promise, he will go away more quickly this way. But remember, there were people in China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal today... that wanted to watch his memorial. Michael Jackson has likely influenced the music you enjoy listening to today.


Tina L. Hook said...

I thought the news of MJ passing was very sad and I have been playing his tunes more often in his memory. There may have also been some living room dancing that I won't completely admit to. I watched only a few snips of his memorial and they were extremely touching.

Denae said...

Tina, thanks for the comments! While reading the above post, I wonder if my own emotion played in to my angst yesterday because I too, grew up listening to his music and enjoyed the tunes. I didn't follow his personal life as much as others but he seemed to have some serious issues beyond being a fantastic entertainer.

Anonymous said...

You know how we always agree? Not on this topic ;)

Love you,

Denae said...

I understand, Case and we don't have to always agree. Keeps it spicy. Love you still.