Monday Minutes 2

Monday, 20 July 2009
I'm still doing a "Monday Minutes" giveaway for a $25 gift card to Every time you post your own "Monday Minutes" in the comment section you are entered in the drawing to be held on Monday, August 24. So far, there is only one contestant: MyEugene.

Monday's highs: Kingsley and I have good news when it comes to the Visa. We received a helpful letter from Kingsley's attorney. One step closer! I am remembering the gorgeous trip to the coast I had this weekend and seeing the elk was amazing. Free ice cream cone coupon to Prince Puckler's in the mail from Pam, my mortgage specialist. Nummy. Got some pub for the new newscast look from Oregon Media Central.

Monday's lows: My computer is still broken at work and I had to produce without my email, specialized links and a P:// drive. Not fun. It was warm and sunny this afternoon thus it was brutal to drive into work. I want to be outside watering my tiny herb garden and reading a book.

Monday's randoms: I am wearing a really bright sweater. Not sure about the color. My fingernail polish is chipping. Twitter keeps crashing. Ate a nectarine for a snack and it was perfectly ripe and sweet.


JyoNah said...

Monday's Highs: Nothing to spectacular today, but I know that I found my no four year old brother's birthday to be lovely, and was happy to both be shown the ropes in the art of barista-ing and to get my camera back.

Monday's Lows: My phone is on its last leg. It takes great effort for the AC adapter to make sufficient enough a connection for the phone to charge, it drops my calls at least twice a week, turns itself off in my pocket completely on its own whim, and the 'space' button when drafting texts doesn't always register that it has been pressed. Ultimately, I'm probably going to have to get a new phone soon, which is frustrating, because my two-year contract-renewal upgrade is less than two months away.

Monday's Randoms: You. Offering a $25 reward for commenting on your blog? Had I known you wanted it to happen so much, I'd have done so anyway. Why the reward?

Becky said...

Do I have to post on a Monday? :) I'll play!

Monday's highs: Won two Honorable Mentions and an Award of Excellence in an industry awards competition. Go me! Got hugs and smiles from my gorgeous daughter (a high every day). Ate delicious tacos courtesy of my hubby.

Monday's lows: Got stuck in traffic going home. Tried to buy a clearance coat at Dick's and it was gone. :( Only got to spend 30 minutes with the kiddo before bed.

Monday's randoms: Smelly corn ruined my lunchtime southwest salad. Honked and cursed at out-of-towners who couldn't figure out how the parking garage worked (didn't realize following the arrows was so difficult, people). Secretly happy that hubby had to change a poopy diaper. :)

Denae said...

I LOVE reading your Monday Minutes. Thanks for playing!