Monday Minutes 3

Tuesday, 28 July 2009
Monday's highs: Dinner on the patio by myself at Ta Ra Rin. Best Thai food I've had so far in Eugene. Also today, I walked to the new Saint Vincent de Paul (charity shop) bookstore on East 11th and bought two travel memoirs, An Italian Affair by Laura Fraser and The Road from Coorain by Jill Ker Conway ($1.25 each!!).

Monday's lows: We found out our K-1 Visa has been temporarily denied. (Still do not know specifics on why - probably something to do with Kingsley growing up in South Africa and all paperwork prior to 1995 being destroyed in that country - the US Embassy is extremely strict on having original documents). We have to apply for a wavier which will cost another $500 and will take up to 12 weeks (3 months). Devastating but we decided: okay, we can deal with this. Kingsley has a British Passport and is a British citizen, he can come for a visit so we can at least see each other while we sort out the next round of hoops to jump through. So today, we booked his plane ticket to fly over on August 12th. I was on top of the world and we were so happy -- until he received an email that brought us both crashing down. While we are in the wavier status Kingsley is denied all travel to the U.S. I guess the government fears he'll stay illegally but he was only coming to visit me! I have cried more today than I have all year. I feel so tired and slept for two hours in the middle of the day and my stomach is sick! This seems so unfair as we are following all proceedures required and doing things legally. I just want to be able to share the gorgeous Oregon scenery and the Douglas Firs with him and go to the coast together, and walk hand-in-hand in parks and listen to music together and open a bottle of champagne to toast our first couple of months of marriage and... Wow, I am down.

Monday's Randoms: Got about 10 comments on a YouTube video I posted of our Eugene Tweetup. I've been posting there for years and hardly ever get a comment. Put my ninja skills to work tonight and killed two flies that got into the apartment while I watered my tomato plants. Worked on my LinkedIn profile for a distraction.

There's only a few people in the drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card. If you post your "Monday Minutes" below you are automatically entered. Every Monday you post, you get an entry. I'll draw the winner on August 10th.


Becky said...

I'll play again!

Monday's highs: Found out I won another award for my work! Got to talk to my best friend, uninterrupted, for like 30 minutes. That hasn't happened in well over a year. Requested two days off!! This also hasn't happened in well over a year.

Monday's lows: Hubby is on nights this week, so I literally did not see or talk to him at all. My boss's husband lost her job. I added too much seasoning to the dinner I cooked - too salty, blech!!

Monday's randoms: Kiddo woke up laughing at 5:30am, ready to rumble. Kiddo woke up screaming at 8:30pm, still asleep but apparently having a nightmare (maybe that should be a low, because it was really sad!). Checked out a new diaper bag online - totally don't need it, but it's sooooo super cute.

Can I add a Tuesday low? I'm sad to read about the visa status. :( I'm hopeful that it resolves itself soon. It sucks that you don't get to spend your days with your husband...

Perri said...

I hate all the trouble you guys are having with the Visa situation. Playing by the rules stink =) I pray it will all work out soon.

Anonymous said...

I am totally pissed at the US government. Seriously pissed. That is a dangerous thing.

So, here is my "Monday" submission.

Highs: My in-laws left town. I kid. Heh.
Got some good feedback regarding my lung cancer research at work. Had our monthly supper club with a group of professional women in Chicago. It was very a fun time with good food. Always entertaining to hear of the single girls' exploits. I live vicariously through them!

Monday's lows: Continue to deal with jackass co-worker that provides daily sexual harassment. Am trying to keep a good attitude, but I am too old and too smart to believe the C-word is ever appropriate.
The hospital informed us that this month's paycheck would not be in-full. They are having "financial difficulties at this time." Seriously? I deserve to get paid. Please see above.

Randoms: Painted Annie's toenails. Went to strength training class at gym after work....can no longer move upper extremities.