Monday Minutes

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

I'm starting a new weekly post, "Monday Minutes." I'll hit up the highs, the lows and the randoms of Monday. Please share yours too. For every Monday you post your "Monday Minutes" in the comment section, you get one entry into a drawing to be held on Monday, August 10th. The prize is $25 gift card for If the winner is an international reader, I'll order what you wish and have it shipped to you for a total of $25. Yippee for prizes!

Monday's highs: Logged onto my blog and noticed Kingsley posted a comment about my baseball pitch over the weekend. I love it when he posts here. My second cup of coffee this morning tasted really good. Great news about a virtual set for the 11pm newscast. Might not have to use the Chroma Key wall after all. Received mail from Larsen - an article about how David beats Goliath.

Monday's lows: My mom is feeling under the weather and I'm worried about her. I sent off back taxes which I owe to the city of Gahanna. Apparently I worked for my mother while there one week during my second year as a student in London. A tiny bit of taxes but expensive late penalties and interest. I ran out of my Studio Fix MAC make-up. Ripped a hole in my nylons while at work.

Monday's randoms: Blasted classical music with the windows down on the way to work and felt strangely free. Put WAY too much pepper on my chic peas and garlic tomato dish for dinner. A deer was standing by the road on the way home and didn't even flinch when I honked. I'm going to shop for cell phones online as soon as I finish this sentence.

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MyEugene said...

Monday's high: The garden "blew out" after yesterday's rain storm -Yeah!

Monday's low: Still missing some paperwork from a file. Can't. Seem. To. Find....

Monday's random: Watched TV news for first time today in a long, long time (we need a contest just to guess exactly "how long!"). Heh

Great idea, Denae! Thanks for sharing - I know it'll be tons of fun! :D