My 30th Birthday

Saturday, 4 July 2009
Turning 30 was not the least bit scary and I actually had a lovely day of doing everything that I wanted to do. I took the day off from work and began by reading dozens of fabulous Facebook birthday wishes over coffee.

I washed my car and vacuumed it out so I had a sparkly ride, then I browsed the book section at one of my favorite thrift stores. Finding three excellent titles, I headed out to Fern Ridge Lake to lay in the sun and enjoy the calm waters.

Fern ridge also has some of the most sail boats in North America and they seem so peaceful just gliding along. I sat in the sun (with sunscreen and a hat) for 2 hours reading. It was lovely.

Afterwards, I headed home to shower and change before my dinner date at Marche in Eugene. The date was with myself and I received a lovely welcome from the manager when I was seated at the chef's counter. This way, I could watch the chefs prepare the meal and interact with them somewhat. It was truly fascinating to watch them working.

My meal began with a glass of Nicolas Feuillatte Brut, Cuvee Gastronomie. It was fruity but not too sweet and went perfectly with my first course: oysters on the half shell from Washington with champagne mignonette. Yum! I didn't need horseradish, lemons or crackers. They were perfect in every way.

Next, a bowl of the fennel cream soup. Each taste was lovely, topped with a touch of olive oil and freshly picked parsley (Marche has it's own local gardens).

The waitress suggested a pairing of 2005 Chateau Haut-Beau Boudreaux with my soup and main course. I so wish I would've taken a picture of my lovely beef tenderloin, a perfect medium with blue cheese crumbles and a mixture of squash and zucchini. The vegetables were even divine without a touch of butter or salt. The natural flavor was amazing.

Lastly, my gorgeous birthday cake. Cherries are ripe on the trees in Western Oregon so the cake was white with cherry cream filling and vanilla butter-creme frosting. To die for! The cake even had tea light candles surrounding it and I made a wish.

Kim met me at the restaurant for a glass of wine and our waiter served us a Dow's 1982 Colheita Port on the house.

Divine and yes, I felt very special as you are supposed to on a birthday. The absolutely best part of the evening? When it came time to pay, my meal had already been taken care of by my best friend, Casey. She lives in Chicago but somehow managed to surprise me! So far, 30 isn't half bad.


Denae said...

Commenting should be fixed. Fingers crossed!

Jinjajam said...

Hi darling, I just love your new blog,almost as pretty as you,so glad to see you had a good birthday, but Pleeeeease stay blonde....its just soooo you.
Looking forward to some great posts

Unknown said...

Marche's oysters are amazing that the rest of the dinner sounds tres delish.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fab time, my dear. yay for comments!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Casey is so clever!! Did you ever find out how she managed it?


Denae said...

My sweetest friends and family - how happy I am to find comments from you. This makes me feel so connected! Thank you Nan, I will let Kingsley work on the hair. I think he likes it blonde too... Casey -- so fabulous. Really, how are you so wonderful? MEL!!! Yay - thanks for visiting the blog. Can't wait to see you in OCT.