They Have Eight Legs

Thursday, 30 July 2009
Because of the eight legs, spiders can move quickly. You never really know where they are going and they can get there in no time flat. That is why I have an un-natural fear of Arachnids. This fear is commonly referred to as Arachnophobia.

I live in a basement studio apartment in the city of Eugene. I LOVE it because it is brand new construction (carpet, tile, bathroom, kitchen windows...). The location is fab because I can walk to restaurants, pubs, the library and coffee shops. Perfect for one person and there is even an outdoor area where I have a container garden. My home has been here for a year. Because it is partially underground, it remains cool in the summer and warm in the winter. However, there is a drawback: spiders.

My courage to kill them waivers but so far, the small ones have been fairly easy to conquer. I even let some of them live and a tiny one resides in the upper corner of my shower (wow that is gross - can't believe I just typed that). But last night I met my match. This one was crawling on the wall at the far end of my apartment.

The scare happened after work so it was in the early hours of the morning (1 a.m.-ish). Kingsley was getting ready for work and we were talking on Skype. I asked if he thought the spider would bother me.

Me: "Can't I just leave it alone? Spiders eat bugs you know..."
Kings: "Well, spiders can crawl into beds..."
Me: "Oh my gosh. I have to kill it."
Kings: "Just take a slipper and whack it..."
Me: "Really? I don't know..."
Kings: "You can do it, babe. Listen, I have to get in the shower, I'm late for work."
Me (in a small, scared voice): "Okay."

Since Kingsley was not able to witness my battle, I recorded it so you could be there (and I wouldn't have to face the spider alone).


LizP said...

This is what @ThomastheBrave does ... he gets a jar or a something and puts it over the spider. Then he slips a heavy piece of paper or thin piece of cardboard under (thereby trapping the spider in the jar) and takes it outside.

Denae said...

I like that better... I really don't want to kill any spiders but I don't want them in my bed either. @ThomastheBrave is brave tho... lol

Anonymous said...

thats my girl xx

Anonymous said...

Daddio remembers the call from Hazard - I recall the loud war cry as the attack started. The video was much claimer. Great progress.

Anonymous said...

Oh Denae you make me smile. I think that just made my night. :)

Denae said...

Ha Daddio - not sure how I did it without you.