The End of the Rope

Saturday, 8 August 2009
We had another great "talker" on KVAL News at 11 tonight. Someone video-taped a mother dragging her child through a store on the end of a child leash. The kid was throwing a tantrum and she just dragged him through the store. Police got ahold of the video after it was posted on the internet and she is facing felony charges (not just a small crime). Here's the video and you tell me what you think. Should the mom be charged with child abuse?

I'll give you my initial reaction to the video and maybe I should be ashamed but, I laughed! The second time I watched this I laughed again. Why? Because the child is clearly in control of the situation and is making the mother look like a lunatic. This is not a baby. The kid is likely 4 years old and he knows he's being difficult. Is it child abuse? Possibly. The story doesn't say whether the child was injured or what happened later. But thank goodness she wasn't just beating the kid like I've also seen in public many times.

What are your thoughts?


Unknown said...

You know, Maybe I'm a little to "rural" for this ( as my more "urban friends tell me), but this is more silly then sad. The child is clearly in control and isn't getting hurt. Does the mother need a parenting class? Yes. Does she need a felonet and the child put into the system,? I don't think so. As much as we need the system to protect children from abuse, in this day and age, with all the evil that does go on, this is almost a waste of time and budget of an all ready taxed system. I think the kis looke dlike he was having fun.

Anonymous said...

And Really, Who wasn't had fun on a leash?

Teri's Blog said...
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Teri's Blog said...

Yeah, I laughed too. If it was my nephew he would be saying "Do it again Aunt Teri!" It's probably just a game to the kid.

Michiel Willems said...

I thought the video was hilarious, it looks very funny.

But to say it is child abuse? Don't think so. Although someone could have warned her this might be dangerous and could possibly harm her child, probably the kid was just being annoying, bored and old enough to realise what happened.

The mum does not seem to realise the risks she is taken, but I don't have the impression she is trying to hurt or harm her child deliberately. To prosecute her is ridiculous.

I am sure child protection agencies and institutions like that are going after her now, perhaps even resulting in the child being taken away from her, which is ridiculous because probably she loves her child just as much as any other loving and caring mother.

LizP said...

I am amazed that people are taking this so seriously. Anyone who has spent time around a 4 year old ( and we have one of those, along with an 18 month old) knows that they are controlling little demons at times and you cannot show fear.

Personally, I wouldn't have dragged my son through a store, that's too hard on my back. I would have picked him up and thrown him over my shoulder.

Jinjajam said...

Well...well...well I am surprised.
I would just hate to think one of my grandaughters were dragged through a store on a rope!!!!!
Thankgoodness the child did not smash his head against the wall as the mother took the corner.
That might not have been so funny.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. Yes, pre-schoolers can be tiny terrors. Yes, moms are sometimes in a hurry and can't take the minute to upright their kids mid-tantrum. HOWEVER! Even the wee ones deserve respect. This is obviously not respect and if she'll do this in public, what does she do in private?