Friday at the Lane County Fair

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Welcome to the Lane County Fair! I met my friend April and her two sons there on Friday night. We had so much fun and the weather was gorgeous.

April's son, who is only 6, took this picture - nice job!

Look at the sweet little "kid" curled up in the food dish.

I have never seen a pig this large in my life.

He's sleepy!

And the strangest site at the Lane County Fair:

These guys set up their booth close to the beer garden and concert area. The "Are You Going to Heaven?" booth advertised a free test with two questions. If answered "correctly" then you are guaranteed a spot in heaven, if answered "incorrectly" I'm pretty sure the plan was to evangelize.


Anonymous said...

Love the piggies!


Unknown said...

That looks like a blast! I keep seeing ads for local fairs and in my head I'm all, "I really, really need to go to a fair," but then I get distracted and I forget...thanks for reminding me that I really, really need to go to a fair :)

Denae said...

Yes - the piggies. They even had baby pig races but we missed that. Lola - you MUST go to a fair at least once every two years...for the ppl watching and cotton candy if nothing else.