The Hill

Tuesday, 18 August 2009
It's a real b*tch. Sorry for the harsh language but that's just me being quite truthful. The Hill up to our television station is the steepest grade in Lane County, Oregon but no matter, we are determined to conquer.

My colleagues, Natasha and Annie decided to start walking up and down The Hill last week for some good old-fashioned exercise. They invited me to join them and we walked down and up three times last week. Since I'm on mornings this week, I've been walking it on my own during my early morning lunch break. So far, I've been up and down twice. That's FIVE total triumphs over The Hill.

Here's the view from the half way point:

This is looking up the hill.

And this shot is of what we just trudged up.

My plan is to walk this every week day until my honeymoon. Then, I'll eat loads of paella, seafood and feel not too bad sitting in a swimsuit beside my sweetie along the Mediterranean.


Anonymous said...

proud of you hon i would even find that hard look forward to seeing your tit boody xx

Denae said...

Glad you back tracked from "That's not a hill." ;)

Anonymous said...

..your sweetie...HILL be delighted no matter what I'm sure!