Homeless Getting Out of Hand?

Thursday, 27 August 2009
This is the scene just down my residential street in Downtown Eugene at 11 a.m. in the morning, just two blocks from where I live.

Just this week a man stabbed a homeless man to death in Downtown Eugene.

Earlier this summer, I came home from work to find a group of transients on my porch drinking and they would not leave. They ripped up my flowers, stole my wind chimes AND were back the next morning sitting on my furniture again. The police were involved in my case but the perps were given a citation that meant nothing - because they'll never pay the fine.

I was so frustrated over the situation this morning, I drove over to the local market to see if I could witness intoxicated homeless people buying beer. Before I could even get out of my car, a women was aggressively asking for a dollar. She would not get out of my face or move away from my car. Here's the video after she asked for the money. The camera sent her on her staggering way.

I like living within walking distance of restaurants, coffee shops and theaters but things are becoming unsafe and quite unpleasant in my neighborhood.


Tia Malani Photography said...

Wow, I don't live downtown, so I haven't had to deal with this much. My husband used to work downtown and they had several problems with people sleeping in their bathrooms and not leaving their office. I am extremely impressed with your bravery and calmness when asking the woman to leave you alone. I'm sure there was much harassing before that that we did not see.
I wish that this could be sent to the mayor and all representatives here to see what it looks like everyday. It makes me very worried for your safety too! I can't believe the incident on your porch; that is awful. I don't know what I would have done. You are one strong and brave woman, but I hope that we can work on getting the problem fixed so that you don't have to face this everyday. Thanks for posting.

~P~ said...

From little that I've known you; you love Eugene, I'm sure it must be difficult seeing it in this state. Take care n be extra cautious!!
Could you not do a story on d same to be aired for your local news?

Desiree said...

Wow that is shocking Denae.
Glad you okay.. that lady could've been more than just homeless .. possibly a bit loopy too.

It's really sad, but something needs to be done. Cant believe they just sleep wherever they want and clearly leave a mess where ever they go.

I think it would be a great idea for you to get that shown on your local news station.

Denae said...

Good idea - we're going to work on an investigative piece. It's a little tough to take on all at once and I have to be careful to remain objective cause this is obviously on my front door step. Lol. Thanks for the comments, ladies. I appreciate you.

John said...

So frustrating, Denae! I pin this squarely on our mayor and city govt. They need to do something about this. NYC used to be a slum in the 80s and Guiliani cleaned it up. It just takes mental fortitude and the ability to make a decision. Mayor Piercey's a joke imo. If you listen to her when she speaks, she never actually says anything of substance - no content whatsoever. How is she helping us as a community? She's too focused on the perception of Eugene rather than really moving us fwd. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing new. I lived at the Town & Campus on 13th and Ferry when I was there in the early 1990's. They would drink and urinate in your front door.
Why would you even live there?
I'd move away from the campus area. That's what I did after one summer there. I moved to an apartment near Cafe Soriah on Lawrence. It was much nicer and far less hassle.

Denae said...

Anon- I love the Cafe Soriah area near Lawrence. Thanks for the advice! I guess - to me - it didn't seem as bad last summer.