Monday Minutes 4

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Monday's Highs: I booked plane tickets for our honeymoon to Barcelona. Kingsley and I haven't been on a honeymoon yet and for that matter, we've only spent 2 days together as man and wife so when I travel to London in September, we're going to take a week and go to Spain. I learned how to edit graphics into a package (story) and add the moving KVAL background. Fancy.

Monday's Lows: Had to pay an extra $172.65 on my school loan that I wasn't expecting. Since it is no longer 105F out, the newsroom is back to being very cold. Burrrrr. Two rejection letters arrived in the mail from book agents.

Monday's Randoms: Got a message on Facebook from a cousin I haven't heard from in years. I added a few drops of finger nail polish remover to my favorite color of OPI nail polish hoping it would thin out a bit. Bad idea.

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Laura said...

Highs: A ton of wedding RSVPs arrived Monday--most of them marked yes. Made delicious dinner--corn, black beens and ground turkey. Managed to find needle-in-haystack interview subject. Got several wedding-related tasks done. The cats are extra snuggly since we got back in town. Got a ton of fresh produce from a friend's family farm in Washington.

Lows: Interviewing said subject--I feel like such a news vulture sometimes. Going to work

Randoms: Tackled giant pile of dishes. Jumped a lot of rope for part of my workout. Ate a ton of gummy bears, thus negating jump rope torture.

Denae said...

Laura - you are getting so much done! I know your day is going to be perfect. Love the jumping rope "random."

Anonymous said...

Highs: Has plenty of down time at work to catch up on news, celebrity gossip, and talk with a good friend. Waged war on family of ants in the basement and in the yard; this made me feel very

Lows: Ended up losing battle with above-mentioned ants. An article I wrote for a professional journal was rejected because it lacked "pithiness." I now hate that word.

Randoms: Watched 3 episodes of True sister is responsible for making me watch this show.


Denae said...

How could they reject YOUR work? We will devise a way to get even this weekend. ;)