Monday Minutes 5

Monday, 10 August 2009
This is your last chance to get in on the $25 drawing. Post your "Monday Minutes" below and I'm going to create one entry for each post over the last five weeks and have someone draw tomorrow. I will create a video so you can see it isn't rigged!

Monday's Highs: I got to have breakfast with my best friend, Casey before I took her to the airport. Free USA Today.

Monday's Randoms: Looking up and reading the small difference between "homicide" and "murder." Murder is a charge for intent to kill. Homicide is a charge for someone who is at fault in a death. Stumbled onto my friend's pregnancy blog and found out she is having another little boy! I've eaten at the same restaurant where Bill Clinton is celebrating his birthday in Vegas (Craftsteak).

Monday's Lows: There's no green tea left in the break room! I'm kinda feeling sick and hope I don't have a virus.


Mii said...

Monday's High: Boyfriend was extra caring because I was sick.

Monday's Random: I ordered a text book from Barnes & Noble and got an email requesting my records.

Monday's Low: Woke up more sick than I was on Sunday.


Becky said...

I didn't play last week because by the time I had time, it was Wednesday and I totally couldn't remember what happened on Monday. *sigh*

Monday's highs: Showing off my new pics of the Princess. Hearing her giggle hysterically when I tickled her tummy. :) Larry didn't eat anything he wasn't supposed to.

Monday's randoms: Random pouring-down rainstorm at lunch when I was JUST wearing sunglasses. Realizing that McCormick & Schmick's smells disgusting on the outside - but it tastes so good on the inside!

Monday's lows: Humidity made my chic new haircut look like ass. That's about it. ;)