Only in the U.S.

Thursday, 6 August 2009
I ran across an interesting story today. My producer, Annie, asked me to write up a 25 second VO (voice over) on this:

What - you might be asking - is that? As much as I would love to leave the pic and ask for guesses, I'll cut the suspense. That, my friends is pork, dipped in chocolate. Yep. Chocolate-covered bacon.

The new treat seems to be a hit out of the park at the Wisconsin State Fair. Vendors sell chocolate-covered bacon on a stick, two for $3.

And folks dare to ask why Americans are obese. But still - would you try it?


Denae said...

I WOULD try it. I've eaten chocolate covered Cicadas on live TV. Dip it in choc and we're good to go.

Anonymous said...

No, but I hate bacon and most fried things. Now, the chocolate part sounds great!

However, I will take "American" food over "English" food anyday. I could stomach the bacon, but Black Pudding? Tripe? Scotch Eggs? NEVER. There are many foul aspects of a European diet. I think America gets a bad rap on this. Yes, we have an abundance of processed foods. But we also have easily accessible fresh produce, meats and cheeses that are reasonably priced. Try to find that in London.


Denae said...

But would you eat a deep fried KK donut? Would ya?

Michiel Willems said...

I would try it, actually: I think I would love to try it! No idea if it tastes nice, the combination is a bit strange, but worth a shot.

It feels like combining desert with a main course, like rice with whipped cream, parmesan cheese on your ice cream, chicken tika massala with apple, peanut butter on your spaghetti, lamb with porridge…

About drinks: last weekend I drank Coca cola with red wine (a Spanish drink) It's lovely actually, very refreshing, so why not try something new? I would.
It is like Sainsbury's slogan, 'Try something new today'

Denae said...

I must try the Coke and red wine. Sounds interesting.

litfpitr said...

The State Fair in Raleigh, NC is featuring deep-fried Pepsi this year. A friend in the gourmet business said bacon was the #1 new 'flavor' at the Fancy Food show last year - everything had bacon in it.