Sunday, 2 August 2009

Delta airlines is running a subtle scam on Beware. I attempted to book a flight this weekend for $789.65. Once I got to the final booking page and entered all my payment details and hit "purchase" an error message popped up "System Unavailable." I tried again. No luck. I "chatted" online with an agent who recommended deleting all temporary internet files, opening a new browser and giving it another go. I followed her directions and an hour after attempting to book the ticket still: "System Unavailable."

Arg. So I called the customer service number. I stayed patient waiting and waiting for someone to help me. Finally, an agent came on the line and walks me through the process all over again, even though I've done it 3 times. It still doesn't work. She puts me on hold and I wait and wait. A supervisor comes on and attempts to help me. We go through the process once more and it fails. She then says okay, I'll try to book this for you here. "The best price I can come up with is $859." Wha? My screen shows $789.65. She puts me on hold again and finally comes back to say she can get it town to $830. At this point, I've had enough. This is 2009. You should be able to log onto an airline website and book a ticket without a hassle. If I didn't have a Delta Skylines account then I wouldn't have even bothered.

I was not able to book a flight through Delta for the price quoted online. However, I was able to get a great flight through United and it took 5 minutes to book.


Jinjajam said...

Just so very glad you were able to get a guys really need to be together, love ya

Denae said...

Thanks. Me too. And I'll arrive on Sunday instead of Monday this way.

Teri's Blog said...

Aer Lingus has great deals right now.

Chris F. said...

I have signed up on World Ventures as an independent representative and will be booking my own flights when I take some much needed vacation time. First stop is Carmel, CA.

I have heard horror stories about the airlines, but Southwest Airlines has apparently delivered very well in areas like customer service. I am not sure if McGhee-Tyson does business with them or not, but most recommendations have been to use them if possible.

Denae said...

I'll check Aer Lingus - thanks Teri. Chris - Southwest does seem to be a great value for money.