They're Back

Wednesday, 19 August 2009
On my morning walk, I noticed the wild turkeys are back in Blanton Heights, near where the television station is. Today, after my shift I had to slow down for a turkey crossing. Here's a look -- the babies are growing up!

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Tim Chuey said...

Denae, Glad to see you are trudging "The Hill". It is good exercise now, but if you climb it as may times as I did in 17 years in the snow and ice you'll find it less attractive, but still stimulating. The difficulty in Winter is to go on the air and be "perky" after the long walk up. As for the turkeys, they hang out in my neighborhood a lot. The other day there were about 8 of them ( the flock is over a dozen I think) in my front yard. It sure makes you feel like you live way out in the country. Take care, Tim Chuey