Friday, 4 September 2009
I was working last night when LeGarrette Blount punched Boise's player Byron Hout following the game. We stood in the newsroom in shock as ESPN played the clip over and over again. After watching the punch three times, cringing with my mouth open, I snapped into action, met with our sports anchor Nick and decided to talk about the hit at the top of the newscast. The back lash today around the nation is not surprising.

Blount was clearly frustrated after the Ducks' performance on the field and it was obvious Hout was taunting and provoking him. However, fans tend to view football as a sport which operates as a form of entertainment and revenue for most Universities. Players are paid with scholarships to represent a school. They get a degree for free - and deservedly so - when they use their talents appropriately. Raw violence does not have a place in football, relationships, the workplace or on the streets.

I was saddened to see Blount him push his teammate in the face mask twice after he punched Hout and then went after a fan while leaving the stadium. Two grown men had to literally yank him away holding his arms down as they led him out of the stadium. Watching the 240 pound linebacker throw the tantrum was scary. But it looks like that might be his last time in a Ducks uniform. Head Coach Chip Kelly has benched him for the season (he is a senior). Blount apologized for his actions after the game: had more than 4,000 hits on the web story by 5pm today. That's the amount of hits I've had on my blog in two months. The Ducks looked weak on the field last night but it was the disregard of sportsmanship that drew the most attention to the University of Oregon.

Let's hope the sport doesn't get a bad wrap after one man's actions. It is football season and I'm excited to watch talented players show their skills!

What do you think? Should Blount be suspended for the season? Should he face assault charges? What about the Boise player who was taunting him?


Teri's Blog said...

I was watching the game, but by the end I turned the channel when I could tell BSU (yeah I became a fan when my brother went there for grad school) was going to win. Bummer I didn't stick around to watch the punch.

Anonymous said...

Hell yes he should have been suspended. He actually punched 2 team members and acted like a raving lunatic - forciby restrained by multiple security guards. I would not only suspend him for the season - he would lose his scholarship altogether. This is college sports - these are supposed to be student leaders. Save the felony assaults for the NFL.

And, yes, the guy who got punched should also be punished - suspended at least a few games I think. But remember, he was shooting his mouth of to Blount who had promised him a "ass whooping" in the press. Such trashy behavior all the way around.

Perhaps Oregon has supassed Miami as the new Thug U.