Falling Out of Love with Football?

Sunday, 27 September 2009

There could be something VERY wrong with me. Certainly if my dear younger brother reads this post, he will think so. The truth is, I'm not too jazzed about football season this year. Gasp! (I have been known in the past to wear temporary tattoos with a team's logo on my face.)

I noticed the Colts were playing tonight on the tube while I nibbled on a lovely Pad Thai at Sweet Basil Thai in Eugene and I could care less. What has happened? I used to be enamored by Peyton Mannings' skills but now? Meh. Beyond that I must confess, I did not watch the University of Oregon game this weekend. More than one person asked me and I said "No, but I heard the score on the radio." What kind of poor answer is that? It is football season and the beginning of fall which in the U-S means: Game On!

Instead of watching the U of O game, I hosted a yard sale (yay $127) and then read from cover to cover The God Child by Paul Sayer. After that, I tucked into my covers some more and watched Kill Bill 1 and Kill Bill 2 staring Uma Thurman.

Kill Bill 1 came out in 2003 so I am embarrassingly behind the times here but I don't see what all the fuss was about. When it first came out, I remember the uproar from cinematic followers concerning the violence. The movie is not violent it is theatrical. The slicing and dicing leads to limbs spraying red paint. It is not realistic in the least. It reminded me of old plays where ketchup doubles as blood. Would I want my young children watching it? No way! However, it is clearly made for an adult audience and I enjoyed it.

Kill Bill 1 is much better than Kill Bill 2 without silly dialog that goes on for ages at the end. Bill is un-attractive and quite old. The casting department could have chosen someone who would be believable for women warriors to fall for and fight over for the span of two movies.

Which other movies front the hunted heroine as the character everyone roots for? Wonder Woman? Kill Bill 1 was amazing in that it broke the norm for American story lines. The woman is physically more powerful than the men who seek to kill her. Her raw skills with a sword protect her from her predators. The Black Mamba was the main character and she was to be feared. Her mission to kill the people who tried to kill her dissuades peace but that's the point. Beatrix Kiddo is like a Rambo, she'll fight to the finish and win back her loved one.

The closing scene in v 2 was well-acted and realistic. The hard woman finally had a moment to decompress. She mourned for her days lost fighting but she laughed out loud over the joy of gaining back the daughter she thought was taken from her forever.

Do you remember the Kill Bill movies? Love them or hate them? Are you just as gun-hoe about football this year as ever before?


LizP said...

Football-meh ... but I did happen to find the Duck game on TV and cheer for the Bears when they were up 3 - 0 but that didn't last long.

Kill Bill - I could have died and not ever have watched them and been ok. Unfortunately I saw them and ... meh.

Sweet Basil - yum!

Tweetup at King Estates sounds like fun. I don't know why @Jyonah has an aversion to the place.

Chris F. said...

Well, priorities change and there is only so much time in a day.

I have seen bits and pieces of Kill Bill, so I don't have a strong opinion one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Hated the Kill Bill series...never "got it" I guess.

As for football, I love the college sport and couldn't go without watching it in the fall. But I have never been able to follow the NFL. It is like watching millionaire pre-schoolers at recess.


Denae said...

LizP - glad you might also be on board for a King Estate Tweetup.
CC - that's the winery from which I sent your anniversary wine!). Let's try to arrange that. As far as Kill Bill - very off the wall but I must say I loved the powerful woman storyline. LOL Chris F - You know the temp tattoo thing? That was for the CNC Eagles.

Chris F. said...

Thanks for reminding me of that, Denae.