Fine Dining at Hotel Om

Wednesday, 16 September 2009
Kingsley wanted to have one especially superb meal out to celebrate our honeymoon and our four month anniversary. One of the heads of the art team for the salon Kings works for suggested the Moo restaurant in Hotel Om in Barcelona. Suffice it to say, the place does not disappoint.

We ordered from the tasting menus - which included five courses each. We couldn't miss out on the wine pairing for each dish so we ordered that as well.

I didn't photograph the aperitifs but I wish I would have. The chef prepared sardines with melon ice cream for Kingsley and the waiter served me with a cous cous dish topped with a curl of mint puree. (Both amazing taste combinations.)

Following that gorgeous course came the Golden Egg. This was an egg yolk cooked to the consistency of a custard, coated in a thin shell of carmel, nestled in rye cracker crumbs. The sommelier paired this with a 1976 Spanish vintage and I didn't get the name but it was Kingsley's favorite wine of the meal.

My first course was tomato tartar with creamy, light, slightly frozen mozzarella (which was how it was supposed to be served). The tomato mix included heirloom fresh tomatoes, fresh basil and virgin olive oil. The dish was paired with rocket. With this, I sipped a 2007 Guillemot-Michel, Macon-Villages, Chardonnay. The wine was buttery and brought out the tart, sweet and savory flavors of the heirloom tomatoes.

Up next for me was this course of beetroot, liquorice and grapefruit. The dish also included blackberries, blueberries and bay leaves which gave a lovely flavour. The chef drizzled some type of amazing balsamic vinegar on top. Yum. This was paired with a 2007 Cotes du Rhone, made from 100% Grenache grapes.

Check the presentation on this dish! My favorite out of all the tasting courses, this is basil cannelloni with fresh vegetables. The foam on top was amazing with the soft pasta. With this, I drank 2006 Pezas da Portela, Godello. I forgot to photograph my next course of Seitan Rice served with a red wine, 2005 Marti Fabra, Emporda but the dessert was certainly the best.

Look at that beauty. This was summer infusion with fruits and herbs. As you can see, it was served in a bowl made out of ice but the most interesting part was what happened just before digging in. The waitress poured hot green tea onto the fruit and it quickly gelled with the herbs. I've never had anything like it. The wine on this course was also tasty as well. It was a 1998 Maximin Grundhauser, Riesling.

We loved every minute and the atmosphere was amazing in the restaurant. Art on every wall, interesting sculptures on each table and three people waiting on us. Even the white cloth napkins were presented to us on a platter. Certainly a memorable moment for our honeymoon.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That is so much better than the toast I had for dinner last night. Mmmm...want to go to Spain.


~P~ said...

Ooohhh so yum!! The pics look gorgeous. Could u tell me the ingredients of tomato tartar? Looks like a lot of the dihes were vegetarian? Were they? If yes I need to visit Barcelona soon...fill me up.
Hope you had a wonderful honeymoon!

Ted Stryk said...

Wow, that looks nice! The one thing I don't like about restaurants like that is I feel like such a hick when I am trying to pick something off the menu. The waiter explains it, and then I have to ask for a simplified explanation.

Denae said...

Ha Ted! That's why we just pointed to the menu and said "este?" P - yes this was the vegetarian tasting menu. I'm not vegetarian completely but I could be. Casey - I'm going to have toast for breakfast, ah back to the simple life. :)