Innovative Tapas at Bilbao Berria

Monday, 21 September 2009

Located at Placa Nova 3 near Salvidor Dali's museum, is a Tapas joint muy bueno. We found it on a recommendation from a local. The Bilboa Berria offers a modern approach to the traditional Spanish tapas and the place was buzzing. We weren't sure how the system worked so we went in, took a seat and watched the locals. You approach the buffet style tapas selection, and pick out the tiny bites that you would like to try. There's everything from fresh bread, cream cheese, sardines and tomatoes to salty parma ham with eggs. Interesting mix.

Then, you head back to your table where a waiter takes your drink order. You can re-visit the buffet several times. The most important part of this innovative way of dining is you must keep the huge "toothpicks" that hold the tapas together. There are small troughs on each table and at the end of your meal, when you are ready to pay, the waitress comes by to count your toothpicks and then tallies up your bill. Diners were moving through quickly and the food was divine.

There was even a lovely selection of dessert tapas and Kingsley and I shared a chocolate square with walnuts. Tasty! We had the energy we needed to next tackle the museum filled with the work of Salvador Dali.