Sounds of Barcelona

Sunday, 20 September 2009
For me, the best part of travel is experiencing another culture through discovery. Culture includes aspects such as food, ambiance, currency, language and music. One day Kingsley and I decided to walk the many terraces of Parc Guell (created by Antoni Gaudi of course) and we were amazed and impressed by the variety of music.

The third music "freelancer" we ran into while exploring played hauntingly good music. After stopping to listen and feeling the breeze coming up off of the hill, we decided to pay the five Euros for a Hang cd. As you'll see from the video, a Hang instrument is similar to a steel drum except it is fashioned with a top. The artist drums on the instrument with his fingers and the sounds is relaxing, soothing and in a way, natural.

As we continued on, closer to Gaudi's house in the large park, we found Flamenco dancers performing without music. They were chanting, clapping and stamping their feet on a platform to create a strong sound. I watched in amazement because the beat was so simple for them to follow. Clearly, they also enjoyed themselves as the crowds watched.

While walking back on quite a hike from the Parc Guell to the beach, we passed another man performing near an old square and I wish I would've taken the time to capture his talent on video. The man played the trumpet with flourish with his right hand and found notes on his keyboard with his left hand. The most eclectic part of this concert? Kingsley noticed it first: the musician powered his electric keyboard with a car battery. Ha!

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