Time to Exhale

Saturday, 5 September 2009
My bags are hopefully being shuttled to my plane as I write this. Eugene airport has free wifi so I can tweet and blog before hitting the skies for Portland. All airports should have the free internet option. Passengers would feel better about life in general while navigating horrid flying experiences. You can log onto Facebook and forget about Delta delaying your flight for 9 hours.

I'm headed to London and then to Barcelona. (If you're reading this and thinking of breaking into my humble pad, I have a mean house sitter so think again.) This is a nice chance to see my darling husband, reconnect and see a new part of Europe for our honeymoon. Glad you're along for the journey. I'll blog occasionally and upload pictures whenever I can.

Happy Labor Day weekend!


Made it safely to Chicago. Logged on to the pay-for-24-hours service and Kingsley was on Skype. I put my headphones in and talked to him for an hour for free! It is sunny here and warm, raining in Eugene and Portland when we took off but I'm glad about that. My plants can get a drink. Next time I post, it will be from London with my pookie. Hooray!


Jinjajam said...

Oh what joy............enjoy every second.
Love you both, Nan

Ted Stryk said...

Have a great honeymoon! You guys need to go up to Tibidabo some time!

Denae said...

Jinja -- Yay! Can't wait to Skype with you. Ted - Tibidabo - on the list now. Great suggestion!

Tina L. Hook said...

I can't wait to hear about Barcelona! Happy reunion with the Pookie.