Turning the Page

Tuesday, 29 September 2009
Aches, pains, no energy, sleeping for 10 hours straight and waking up tired? That's me and it's getting old. To fill the time between checking Facebook, making tomato soup and staring at Kingsley on Skype, I've read a couple of decent books:

Passive Aggressive Notes by Kerry Miller (excellent for a good laugh when you're feeling low). Kerry started her website and book after a first date where the guy told her about the notes he was getting from his roommate. Kerry started her website and uploaded a few real-life examples of passive aggressive notes. Then, more examples started pouring in from all over the country and even from other countries. Her book is a compilation of the best ones. My favorite are:

I couldn't help but notice you haven't washed dishes once. Is it b/c you don't know how? I'd be more than happy to show you. -Emily

Dear Fellow Christian,
The lawns of homeowners on this street are not public parking. Please "love thy neighbor" by getting off my grass. Thanks.

Dear #2534,
If your dog continues to bark past midnight, I will break into your home, steal it and feed the little f---er to the homeless on Pearl Street. Happy Holidays!

And another light-hearted read is Cats in May, a memoir written by the late Doreen Tovey about life with her two Siamese cats in a village in Somerset, England. She and her husband lived in a 250-year-old cottage in a community where everyone knows everyone else's business. Tovey writes about her life in a comedic voice and you laugh along with her as she shares tales of raising a squirrel, helping a bird get the energy back to fly after a bad fall and her two gorgeous, famous cats that drive her and the village crazy.

Up next we have Child of Steens Mountain, a memoir by Eileen O'Keeffe McVicker, Building a Home with My Husband, a memoir by Rachel Simon and a novel, It's All Right Now by Charles Chadwick.

What are you reading?


Anonymous said...

OMG. I love Passive Aggressive Notes...one reason we are soul mates.


Denae said...

Soul mates we are. Happy B-day my love.

Anonymous said...

KILL Bill, Falling OUT OF LOVE with football, ACHES, PAINS,NO ENERGY and SLEEPING TOO LONG....sounds like time for a check up with the dr.

Unknown said...

I suggest some "Irish Therapy".

Denae said...

Should I even ask what "Irish Therapy" is? Lol

Chris F. said...

I have read plenty in the past month, but that is mostly for class assignments. I bought a number of books recently such as Short Stories by Langston Hughes, Shakespeare's Sonnets and The Baptist Identity: Four Fragile Freedoms. How if only I had the time to read them.

Teri's Blog said...

I just started Outliers