Un-scientific Poll on Local News Viewership

Wednesday, 30 September 2009
I asked on LinkedIn: How often do you watch local newscasts? 17 people responded which makes me thing the next poll should be along the lines of: Do you take polls on LinkedIn? I digress.

Here's the breakdown:

35% say they watch a local newscast once a week
29% say they watch a local newscast once a day
23% say they *never* watch a local newscast
5% say they watch a local newscast more than once a day
5% say they watch a local newscast three times per week

What are journos supposed to take away from this? Not much, really. Remember, this is a informal poll. However, trends show less people are getting their news from the television. This is because of commitments outside of work, being away from home and not in front of the tube during the 5-6pm traditional news hour.

The company I work for is doing some innovative things to adapt. Just this week we are launching KVAL Communities (already in play in Seattle), websites that function like mini-blogs for different neighborhoods of our viewing area. We hope viewers will go to the web to learn specifics about events in their part of town and also tune in to our newscasts to hear more.

Do you watch your local news stations? If so, how often and are you pleased with the coverage?


Ted Stryk said...

I found it hard to answer. I don't watch it every day, although I definitely watch more than once a week. However, I do go to a local news website (WBIR or WATE) on a daily basis. They definitely provide information on local events that you can't get anywhere else. On the downside, sometimes the stories do have a slant. For example, there was recently one about the stimulus money at colleges, and how we using it to buy people out and for one time purchases. They failed to mention that we are prohibited from using it for salaries (except in the case of buyouts) and cannot use it for recurring purchases. We end up with a flood of angry people calling us wanting to know why we are "wasting" the money. These people would be much better off calling their congressman and senators.

LizP said...

We TiVo the 6pm news on KVAL and usually end up watching it at 10pm. Since national news is always updated on the internet we watch the local news for local information (the RG isn't usually johnny-on-the-spot for news) and for the weather (especially the satellite map).

Chris F. said...

I rarely watch TV as it is. I do visit the local news station's websites on a daily basis to get a sense of what is going on locally or state-wide.

Denae said...

Thanks for the comments, Ted, LizP and Chris.
Especially interesting to know about the local stories and wx map, LizP thanks.