Go Ducks!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Some Duck fans just have way too much time on their hands. Like this guy...

Natasha and I were invited to the Fisher Suite two weeks ago to enjoy the football game with KVAL advertising clients.

The views of the field were incredible and even though the game was a blow-out (OR won by at least 20) we had such a fun time enjoying the ambiance of a winning team.

This suite had two rows of seats. I sat on the front row for the 1st quarter and could see everything...the fans celebrating, the players moving on the sidelines and even the cheerleaders performing stunts.

Before the game, we stopped by a friend's tail-gate party.

This was a pretty fancy "tailgater." The guy set up huge speakers, a flat screen TV, a table for beer pong and a keg. This isn't exactly how I'd choose to spend my time and money every Saturday (this guy feels it is an investment!) but it was exciting to be part of it for one afternoon.

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