Shot in the Arm?

Saturday, 17 October 2009

I'm not getting a Swine Flu vaccination or a flu shot this year and I'm not worried.  The two years I decided to get the regular flu shot, I came down with the flu and it was rough.  The other years, sans flu shot?  No flu.

My mother is politely outraged and might boycott my phone calls until I fax her a notice from my primary care physician that yes, I was stabbed with the vaccine but I just don't want the shot.  In my (sometimes simple) mind, I worry that the shot somehow makes me more susceptible to the flu.

My diet is decent.  I eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day.  My drinks at work are only green tea or water and I choose lean protein when I eat meat.  I exercise (not often enough) and I try to sleep more than 8 hours a night.  That could be enough to keep up a strong immune system and I'll take the chance.

While I very much appreciate the advancement of modern medicine, I'm not completely convinced the flu vaccinations (including the Swine Flu) will work.  The Swine Flu has been blown into Balloon Boy proportions.  We should all keep in mind, it is a strain of the flu virus with symptoms that are, at times, more severe than the regular flu.  This is not a flesh-eating disease that renders people dead in days.  

Remember, if you have a temperature, stay home.  You don't want to infect others.  Stay hydrated and if your temperature gets high (say 104) go to the doctor.

Disclaimer:  Media outlets have reported Swine Flu deaths but we don't always know the contributing factors.    I am NOT against getting the vaccination.  I'm just not convinced it is right for me, yet.

What about you?  Did you get your flu shot this year?  How about the Swine Flu vaccination?


Teri's Blog said...

I work in healthcare and I HATE needles, so I have never had a flu shot. I haven't been sick in years. Tell your Mom not to freak out, you will be fine.

Anonymous said...

The flu shot does not make you more susceptible to the flu if you have a *normal* (uncompromised) immune system. And a healthy diet and sleep may help you get over the flu quicker, but it won't prevent you from getting the virus if you are exposed.

This year, there are more "strains" of the flu going around than usual. Chances are good that you will get one of them. Where you live and work matters more than anything else. But will you die from the swine flu? Probably not. Wash you hands and avoid sick contacts.

For your reading pleasure, this is a great run down on what to expect when you are expecting...the flu.

Your favorite expert in all things Swine

Chris F. said...

The last time I had a flu shot about ten years ago, I became ill for several days because of it. I've not had another since then and alas I have not had a flu either. I will not get a flu nor a swine flu shot and if the so-called authorities attempt to inject me, they will be in for a fight.

I know of several people who had terrible experiences with vaccines. One person's grandmother died after being injected in 1976. Another person as a teenager was injected also in 1976 and had a paralyzed arm and near blindness for several years. Thankfully, she was able to fully recover.

The swine flu vaccine contains squalene, mercury, and a feminine spermicide agent among other things. Now the CDC will claim that the vaccines are safe, but they are compromised and the test version that they claim is safe is not the same version that is being injected into people. Sadly, most people just do what they are told. Don't say they weren't warned.

Anonymous said...

I would certainly trust the CDC over the internet for my medical advice.

But maybe I am "compromised."


Chris F. said...

The best way to prevent or fight the flu are Sunshine (vitamin D), exercise, nutritious food, clean water and plenty of rest.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to get my "seasonal" flu shot today (22OCT09) and I guess I will get the H1N1 shot if the VA gets them. They do not have it now and don't know when they will get it. I will keep you posted on how it effects me. OinkOink