Salvador Dali's Museum

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

After an afternoon of heavy rain (see the poor people running into the flat behind Kingsley) we decided to go to the Salvador Dali museum (there is a small one in Barcelona). Dali was a Spanish surrealist artist well-known for being a bit crazy toward the end of his life. He always tried to pose in pictures with a manic look in his eyes and he won lots of attention for it. But before he started doing his strange, sex-induced art, he finished some beautiful religious works.

Christ on the cross with hundreds of nails coming in to represent the sins of the world.

Christ in life and in death.

Dali (on the right) was also inspired by nature and this photograph shows him studying an octopus. He would later use the real creature as a model for his art as shown in this work:

Even in this sketch of "witches" I noticed the hair resembles the octopus and its tentacles. Fascinating work and seeing lesser-know original work by Dali was well worth the entrance fee.


Anonymous said...

OK, but did they have this:

(Why does that tickle me so?)

-Mel =)

Denae said...

Hahahahahha~ he was such an actor!

Anonymous said...

i think im going to get a dali tattoo

Denae said...

Anon - as in a tattoo of one of Dali's works or a tattoo that is bizarre like Dali's works?