Table 52

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

On Saturday night, we put on our fancies and went to 8pm dinner reservations at Table Fifty-Two.  The restaurant is in downtown Chicago on Elm Street and run by Chef Art Smith and Julie Latsko.  Table Fifty-Two calls itself "the home of Southern hospitality in Chicago."  Smith was Oprah's chef for many years and has traveled the world learning about different cuisines.  I would describe his dishes as fancy "comfort food."

The chef sent out his deviled eggs presented on a small platter.  They were tasty but could have used a bit more vinegar but aren't they adorable?  The best part?  They have tiny potato chips in the dressing on top.

We dined upstairs in the high-ceiling dining room.  The decor is very Southern and makes you feel like you are in a Georgian mansion somewhere near the shore.  The walls are papered in wide strips that reach to the paneled white chair rail.  I was also impressed with the fresh flower arrangements on the tables.  Flowers - to me - show a bit of extravagance and allow the patrons to feel pampered while eating.

Casey's sister Jordan met up with us and we even toasted our reunion with Melody with pink bubbly.

I ordered the lightly breaded, fried Catfish.  It was beautifully presented but over-salted and lacking layers of taste.  The service was wonderful and someone was always on hand to refill our water glasses and we had a charming waiter.

We had a lovely time.  The wine was rich and smooth and the atmosphere was such that we could lean in and comfortably talk about life.  I don't care for restaurants that play music so loudly you have to shout over your dessert.  Plenty of time for girl talk which is what I was hoping for!


Anonymous said...

I really liked my dinner. But I think my favorite item on the menu is the fried green tomatoe salad.

Sorry you didn't like the catfish! We will have to try something else next time.

Denae said...

I HAVE to try that next time. I loved the place - fantastic!