Under Attack

Saturday, 3 October 2009
I am growing in maturity and conquering fear in my life.

Last night while driving home from work around the appointed late hour, I was driving slowly watching for deer. I tend to lean forward slightly, with my brights on hoping to see the beady little shining eyes of kamikaze cats, turkeys and raccoons.

While peering out of the windshield and feeling the relief of the weekend coming on, I notice a huge spider crawling on the glass. I do a quick intake of breath and jerk back against the driver's seat. Out loud (why?) I say, "Um, is that on the outside or the inside?" and hit the wipers. As they scrape back and forth, the spider continues to walk across the windshield. Did I mention it's the size of a quarter?

I laugh nervously (to keep from shrieking and going into hysterics) and think WhatdoIdo? WhatdoIdo? WhatdoIdo? The road up to KVAL is narrow, bumpy and forest-like so there are few places to pull over. There's no "shoulder" per say.

The spider walks on it's long, curvy legs down into the dashboard and as soon as it goes out of view, I irrationally but immediately feel like something is crawling on my leg. Oh no. A spider has gotten in, laid eggs and now my jeep is full of them. I start to fake whimper and see the spider crawl back into view. All this time I'm driving slowly around the curves, attempting to miss the pot holes and watching for a place to pull over.

Finally I make it to a stop sign, whip on the hazard lights, put it in park, yank up the emergency break and turn on the dome light. The spider, sensing it is under attack, crawls to the left side of the windshield. I remove my shoe and patiently wait. As it creeps back out to try to bite me (I'm sure), I whack it. Not getting a good hit, it falls onto the steering wheel but I do not scream. It is curling up in defeat and I open the driver's side door and flick it out with my shoe.

Shuddering for a second, I slip my shoe back on, turn off the light, turn off the hazards, release the break, put the car back into drive and feel proud of myself. A huge spider tried to make me wreck my car on the way home from work but I stayed calm and dealt with it. This woman warrior is getting better with the spider thing.

Welcome to the weekend and overcoming your fears. :)


Anonymous said...

you'll be slaying dragons next!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

its the african in you pook x

Anonymous said...


Tina L. Hook said...

When I was a little girl growing up in FL we had HUGE spiders everywhere. One day, when I was also attempting to slay one of the buggers, it scurried behind me and up my back all the way to my head. It freaked me out and I have never been the same about spiders since.

Jinjajam said...

Brave Nan, who was allergic to spiders at the time, reacted to a histerical 16 year old Vanessa and went to slay a spider with a broom-stick....yes you guessed...the spider ( a big hairy job) ran all the way down the stick....I think I broke a window !!!!!

Denae said...

Tina/Jinajam - you guys are BRAVE! Glad I'm not the only one to fear arachnids.