Saturday, 31 October 2009
She is a tiny cat with slim, sophisticated black paws.  In fact, she has a chic all-black coat.  Her yellow eyes are enormous, lined with a tiny bit of green.  I love her and she is my foster kitty.

My friend Kim is moving to South Carolina and wasn't able to take Violet with her on the move.  Since I've baby sat Violet before, I couldn't pass up the chance to give her a home rather than let her go back to the pound.

Violet meows in a tiny, quiet "mewwww" and she purrs when you give her a bit of attention.  When she would like me to pet her (on her head) she will stand up and put one paw on the arm of my computer chair until I notice.  What a doll!  She is helping me not feel lonely without Kingsley and also keep life in perspective.  It is fun to play!

In this picture, she shows her disapproval of my black toe polish for Halloween.  Sorry, Vi.

Since Violet is not a pet that Kingsley and I agreed on to adopt forever (maybe he'll change his mind?) I will continue to look for her permanent home.  She is certainly the most cuddly kitty I've ever met so I'm sure it won't be hard to find a great spot for her to settle.  Thankfully, Kings loves animals as much as I do so we will be able to provide homes to other sweet orphans.


Ted Stryk said...

She looks studious at the desk!

Nan said...

Oh my word .....she looks just like ol' Fixie..Kings will love her to bits !!

Tina L. Hook said...

We have a black cat that looks very much like Violet. She is the rebel of the family and likes to do naughty things to get our attention. *sigh* I am happy to hear you have a new little friend at home to keep you company.

Anonymous said...

Aw precious moments! I am not a big cat person but every now and then there is a special kitten that I like and I bet this one is one of them!