Wednesday, 4 November 2009
I was reading through an old journal last week and noticed on December 18, 2008 (this year has flown by) I sent out my first 20 page, non-fiction book proposal.  It was rejected by all 5 recipients.  Bummer.

6 months ago, I sent out my second non-fiction book proposal, different book, 22 pages.  It was rejected by 7 recipients and 3 have not responded.  Another bummer.

This time, I feel I'm onto something with a new book idea.  BUT (I have a big but - (see what I did there?)) my motivation seems to be lacking.  A book proposal is a mammoth project.  You have to write the first chapter 6,000 words at least, research the market for the book, write up a lengthy author bio and your plan to promote your book and so on...  This time, I also have the "rejection" cloud hanging over my head which I'm sure is like fog to a ship captain at the beginning of the journey.  You're ready to get out there and get started but you're not sure of the best course.

Rather than waiting for the fog to clear, I need to move out of it.  So, I'm going to use my blog as an accountability tool.  I'll try to give you an update weekly on how my 3rd book proposal is coming along.  This time it is going to go to 15 agents/production houses which are specifically looking for my kind of book (more research).  I intend to sell it this time.

I also have the privelege of now having a sort of mentor.  One of my high-school classmates has sold his first novel, "Darling" and knows the ins and outs of the publishing world a lot better than I do.  He's already given me some pointers and encouragement through Facebook.  Look him up, Brad C. Hodson.  He says even his wife likes his book!  If you're a writer you know, it is very difficult to share your work with family and friends for fear of them hating it.


Thabang Motsei said...

I love the perseverence on want it, you'll get it...and I love the idea of you sharing with us the process of publishing your first.'s true writers should write about what they know first, so I'm interested to find out what new things you'll share with us. Good luck and if you need some mojo from freiends, we're here!!! love Thabi

Thomas the Brave said...

Okay you are on!

I have an extra idea I will share with you over a beer.

Accountability, Viability, Profitability, and Sustainability spoken here.

Thomas the Brave said...

Love or hate there is not bad feed back. Do not let fear stop you in your Text.

LizP said...

I've been listening to success cd's lately and you are doing the right things ... keep writing, mentoring with someone who is successful in what you are trying to accomplish, and being accountable for your actions!

We're in your corner! (I see Thomas commented before I did :-)

Oooh, I just noticed I'm on your blog roll. I've never been on anyone's blog roll before (you're reader #7)

Teri's Blog said...

Maybe you should write about vampires :) LOL