Bunnies with Bottoms

Friday, 13 November 2009

You really meet the coolest people in the Blogosphere.  I'm not sure how I originally made it to her blog, but I've been reading Hey Lola for months.

I've even been there (online of course) through her wedding recently and the opening of the lounge she built with her hubs.  We're blog buds.  She even posts on my blog sometimes because hey, we're tight.

Hey Lola flexes her creative muscles by designing out-of-this-world jewelry, accessories and clothing.  You can look at her wares and buy them here.  Christmas is coming up after all.

When I was getting married, I ordered a pink flower through her Etsy site for my hair and she came up with the gorgeous creation to the left with the vintage blue pin in the center.

I love it and still wear it to special parties and out on the town.  Pins for your hair are so very versatile because you can even put them on a jacket or blouse. She has one like it left.

Now she has used her creativity to commission the design of a bunny with a big bottom and not much else.

There's a reason for this poor little stuffed animal.  If you would like to read about it, check out the post here.

Meantime, you should start your own blog or if you have one, make sure I read it by posting a comment below with your address.

Trust me, when you blog and read other blogs, you'll see things that just crack you up.


Nan said...

Ah I just love that bunny with the bum !!!!

Anonymous said...

loving the bunny pook x

Anonymous said...

I was just about to attempt my lola poem about anything other than 'ass bunnies'... that lola gets around. You're the second blog I've seen today that wrote about her. :)

Tina L. Hook said...

Ooh. A bunny I can finally relate to.