Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, 26 November 2009
The Novaks spent their first wedding anniversary in a concentration camp.  Today (50 years later) the Hungarian couple fed 400 people Thanksgiving Dinner at their thriving family restaurant in Albany, Oregon - for free.  Today we aired the inspirational story by reporter Molly Blancett on KVAL News. 

I was inspired to feel less sorry for myself.  Kingsley and I are both working, healthy and safe.  I'm sure the Novaks wondered several times if they'd ever see one another again in their camp or if they'd even survive.  That would be almost too much to bear and even though this years has had its struggles (read about the Saga), I am thankful for many blessings.

My job is kick a$$ and even though I have to work the holidays, I enjoy what I do and feel excited (almost) every day to get up and do what I love.  My paycheck keeps me making the bills each month AND getting closer to becoming debt free!  It also helps me buy plane tickets to visit my family (my little brother graduates from the Ohio State University in two weeks) and my supportive, sweet husband.

Thank you, also, dear reader for being a part of my life and sharing parts of yours with me.  It would be pretty lonely without you.


Chris F. said...

Thanks for posting this. Very interesting. I'm on the road with the Carson-Newman football team. We are playing North Alabama tomorrow.

Denae said...

Have fun! Hope you still ate some turkey for Thanksgiving.

Nan said...

Great thoughts and beautifully written...love you so much, Nan

Chris F. said...

Well technically, we didn't have Thanksgiving dinner, but we did enjoy a wonderful steak dinner in Florence, Alabama.