Putting Pen to Paper

Sunday, 8 November 2009

I don't really write with a pen obviously (unless I'm journaling) but typing doesn't seem as exciting when you draft a blog post and think about something clever to say at the beginning.

Last night I finally opened my Kings and Denae Book (no working title yet) and read through the sample chapter making changes.  I'm putting our story on paper for my own sanity and to hopefully encourage awareness of the immigration policy in the United States.

Some people (perhaps extreme conservatives) will say, "Well why didn't you just marry a proud American?  This is your own fault!"  I dated many Americans but I appreciate diversity and learning.  Marrying a man from South African who developed as a young man while living in London for 10 years, helps me learn more about myself:  my strengths, my weaknesses and my dreams for tomorrow.

People from other countries who desire to enter the U.S. and make it their own home country can add to freedoms and rights by bringing in their own creativity and respect for what our country offers.  I believe when someone follows the rules, can prove they are in a long-term relationship for love and is not a threat to national security, they should be welcomed.

I digress.

The book isn't moving forward very quickly but at least I've kept up with my plan to stay accountable.  I knew I would have to check in with you so I spent time working on the book last night. I have a long way to go but at least I'm back on the bike.

How was your weekend?


Chris F. said...

Most certainly, U.S. immigration policy is out of whack. If you obey the law, it takes forever to be granted visas, citizenship, etc... But if you abuse the system, the government rewards you.

My weekend was good. Carson-Newman won 70-35 and will receive a first-round bye this week. I am also working on plans for travelling cross country next year. I can always go back to school, but sighting seeing the nation is long overdue. I will be putting up a blog after Thanksgiving that I will use to journal my adventures.

LizP said...

Baby steps every day, that's all it takes :-)