The Things that Irk Us

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Television news people are tightly wound.  We are from the type "A" camp, used to strict deadlines and expecting perfection because that's what's expected of us.  But there are times when we need to take a step back and remember:  no one cares

That is not to say people do not care about the news, or do not care if we get facts accurate in our stories, or don't care that we are fair and balanced.  They do! 

I'm talking about the minutiae that journalists get bogged down in:   sweeps, station competition, an extra 15 seconds to tell a story...

Ms. Jane Public does not care that a piece of information I feel was imperative to the story gets left out.  So why am I stressing about it?  Ms. Public also doesn't notice when one television station airs a story for 30 seconds while the other station in the competeing market runs the same story at the same time in a package format with a live shot by a reporter.  The TV stations notice as we flip back and forth to check competition, the viewer does not.

If a weather person does not flash the Doppler and call it by the newly branded name, I don't notice, as long as she tells me whether or not it's going to rain.

This is a post sort of written to myself as a reminder (take from it what you will):  Don't take your job too seriously!  You're only stressing yourself out about things folks at home don't notice and may not even care about.  Do you best to live life after you leave work and charge up for the next fabulous day.

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