Dale Chihuly at Franklin Park Conservatory

Sunday, 27 December 2009
I am a huge fan of Dale Chihuly.  My first glimpse of his work was in the Cincinnati Art Museum's lobby in 2003.  The museum hosts a huge dark blue chandelier by Chihuly.  Then in 2007, while visiting my friend Melody in Miami Beach, we went to the botanical gardens to see his work.  

While I was in Columbus for an early Christmas, my mom invited me to the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus to see his installment.  It was amazing and we had such a nice time together.

His chandeliers are certainly impressive.  The one above is "Orange Hornet wtih Eelgrass."  In literature by the Franklin Park Conservatory the writer explains the works as "simple blown glass parts together to produce suspended sculptures."

The towers are similar to his chandeliers except standing in different environments.  The one above is the "Sunset Tower."

"Pale Confetti Chandelier"

The "Macchia" is a favorite form of Chihuly's.  He uses 300 pigments for glass to make interesting color combinations.  "Chihuly created Macchia, the Italian word for 'spotted.' Different colors are used in the interior, exterior and lip of each piece."

My favorite work, the "Show House" is inspired by Chihuly's time in Venice.  "While working on his Chihuly Over Venice project in 1995, Chihuly and his team worked in Finland along a river, creating temporary installations.  When a partially submerged rowboat was found, Chihuly filled it to overflowing with glass pieces.  He has revisited this idea in several worldwide exhibitions."

"Neodymium Reeds"

His other impressive works include installations called "Reeds."  There were three groupings in the conservatory with this style of glass art.  "Chihuly often uses organic terms to name his forms.  To make the long and vibrant forms, one glassblower, positioned in a mechanical lift, is raised off the ground while holding the 'gather' of glass on a blowpipe.  As he blows the glass, the lift is sent upwards and another glassblower pulls the glass down from below."

We also sat in on a glass blowing workshop which was fascinating.  I have pictures and videos that I'll share this week.  Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

P.S. My dinner party was intimate, beautiful and the food turned out to be tasty.  I'll post pictures of that soon as well!


Chris F. said...

Very Impressive!

Anonymous said...

Wow these are amazing! I want one! and by one.... I really mean five. :)

Denae said...

I also want a Chihuly piece someday! You can buy one of his small glass pieces for as "cheap" as $2,700 now.