Dinner Party Planning 2

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

I need something for people to put their bums on. 

A quick search of the internet shows folding chairs are going for $19.99 each at KMART.  That, my friends, is not bad but also not too good if you need six of them and really have no place to store them after your fabulous holiday dinner party.

So, I am considering doing something a bit shady.  What think you of this plan:  borrow small, light-weight chairs from KVAL's Studio B around midnight on Friday, December 25th and return them by Monday, December 28th.  Who would miss them??  True, they don't match the gorgeous linens (table cloth and napkins) made for me by Kinglsey's sister as a wedding gift but still - I'd rather spend my money wining and dining my guests.

My news director is off work this week and our general manager is not here tomorrow or Christmas so I don't have anyone to ask about the chairs.  Am I going out on a limb here to imagine no one would mind?  Will a production staff member notice them missing from the back, dark corner of our extra studio and call the Eugene Police Department to begin a theft investigation?  These are the trials of party planning.

The other problem in the mix this year - when should I do the grocery shopping? 

Should I:  a.) Drive to the grocery store wearing elbow and knee pads and fight the other shoppers tomorrow on Christmas Eve so that the shopping is finished before the day of the party?  Or b.) Brave the crowds on the day after Christmas on which I might find deals and the grocery shoppers will probably be stuffed with holiday goodies already and not need to rush out for last-minute items?  Speaking of grocery shopping, I need to make my list and check it twice.


Anonymous said...

I just got back from the grocery store on Christmas Eve morning. I now understand what makes people go postal around the holiday.

I went in happy. I left angry.

Merry Christmas.


Ted Stryk said...

I saw that picture (taken at Heathrow) and have been looking for a place to use it. It would be my luck to end up sitting next to that person on a flight.

Denae said...

CC - I decided to wait till the 26th to do my grocery shopping. I didn't want to be angry while deciding on Brie.

Ted - no idea that was at Heathrow! The use of the picture is a bit controversial since it could be offensive to people who are obese but I went with it thinking -- this is a blog and maybe it'll shake someone up enough to post a comment. ;)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! I just read this now.. (after your fabulous dinner party)
Hilarious about thefting chairs from Studio B!!