A Weather Question

Monday, 7 December 2009
Me:  KVAL Newsroom this is Denae, may I help you?
Caller:  Yes, I have a weather question.
Me:  Maybe I can help you.  What's your question?
Caller:  I don't believe in any of that global warming stuff.
Me:  Okay.
Caller:  I believe in global changing.
Me:  Right.
Caller:  So, is there any way of knowing what the warmest year on earth was?  I don't mean what some of these organizations are saying these days. 
Me:  Let me do a quick Google search to see what comes up. 
Caller:  Some of those people say it was 1998 but I think it was 1934.  I was alive then and the summer was really hot.
Me:  The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration's website (NOAA) ranks 2008 and 2001 as the 8th warmest years on record.
Caller:  Well, probably because the summers are longer.
Me: .....?.........
Caller:  But what's the warmest year?
Me:  NASA's website says 2005 was the warmest year followed by 1998.
Caller:  I think it was 1934.
Me:  Well, let's see... Skeptical Science's website says 1934 was the warmest year on record.  (The site also claims to have found a "glitch" in NASA's records.)
Caller:  Yeah?!  What was that site again?
Me:  Skeptical Science
Caller:  Oh, that's great!!  All right then!!!  Thanks so much for your help -- and GOOD WORK!! 
Me:  (Stunned silence)

People will only believe what is comfortable to them.  To some, it is much easier to believe that people's actions are not hurting the planet because then they don't have to make a change.   Why trust rocket scientists who work for NASA and are some of the most educated people on the planet when it comes to climate change?  And really, is there even a debate anymore whether or not Global Warming is real?  Yes, apparently there is.

Disclaimer:  The image below is a JOKE not a scientific argument.


Teri's Blog said...

That's hilarious!!! :)

Ted Stryk said...

Gotta love the general public. Just remember, this person's vote counts just as much as yours! Sigh...

Tina L. Hook said...

Pretty hysterical. Thank you for the underwear demonstration. That really drove the point home for me. ;)

Denae said...

Notice there's no underwear for 2000...it's too hot for people to wear underwear! ;)