Why I Heart 2009

Thursday, 31 December 2009
I took this idea from Find the White Horse, thanks Natasha! 

2009 was special because this was the year Kingsley and I celebrated our union with friends and family on Bald Head Island.  May 17, 2009 was a glorious day.

I went on my honeymoon with my sweetie in Barcelona, Spain.  My love for Paella and tapas grew and I fell in love with Guadi's works.

My depression over being separated from Kingsley lifted somewhat when I adopted sweet, chic, little Violet.  I am no longer alone when I go home at night and she always listens...usually while purring.

This year went well professionally.  I earned a SPJ award for an investigative journalism piece, won access to the courts with cameras in Lane County and appealed a public records denial request from EPD and won.

In 2009, I found Failblog.org and Passive Aggressive Notes.com which allowed me a chance to laugh when I was beginning to take life too seriously.  Here's a sample of Failblog and serves as an analogy for 2010...if we go off the deep end, here's hoping there's someone nearby to help.


Chris F. said...

I would like to wish you a wonderful 2010. My big plan for the year is to take a cross-country trip. I am thinking of taking it this summer. I will let you know when I make it to the West Coast.

Becky said...

I visit both sites daily myself. :) Happy new year!

LizP said...

Happy New Year!

Denae said...

Happy happy to you all too! Lemme know what your resolutions are this year if you have any.