Writing Retreat

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I've only been to Florence and Coos Bay so far on the Oregon Coast.  By comparison, I do love Newport.  It may have been the glorious weather (55F and sunny) but I fell in love with the neat, clean, eclectic Nye Beach shopping area and the Elizabeth Street Inn is cozy and luxurious.

Check out the view from my balcony.  It was beautiful.  I watched the sun set over the sea and listened to the waves crash all night by leaving the door cracked slightly.

Here's what I accomplished on my writing retreat:

1.  I DID get in 3 hours of writing as I'd hoped.
2.  I joined Writers Market.com and read about how to create an excellent book proposal for hours.
3.  My query letter took on a new feel and became more structured.
4.  The beginning of Chapter 1 just didn't fit with the rest of the book so I threw it out.
5.  I trusted my gut with my outline and re-wrote it in a simple form.  It can change as needed.
6.  I set a goal is to write every Tues. and Thursday for 30 minutes after work.

The views were beautiful and I even learned how to build a fire (flip the switch).  The Elizabeth Street Inn offers smoked salmon chowder to all guests for free at 5pm and a full, hot breakfast in the morning.  Writers will not go hungry there.  If you go to Newport, certainly visit Cafe Mundo and Nana's Irish Pub.  Plus, The Dapper Frog (retail shop) is adorable and features items from local artisans.

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