Cab Etiquette

Sunday, 24 January 2010
My favorite thing about traveling is blogging about the aspects I hate.  If you read regularly, you know I adore finding an over-priced internet connection (not in Eugene it's FREE) and typing up a little something for you to read.  This morning's travel topic?  My cab ride.

The driver was fine.  He had a longer pony tail than I do but hey, hippies thrive in Eugene.  He was friendly and listened to BBC (bonus) but wow.  The car smelled like a rank bar the morning after a wild party back when smoking indoors was legal.  Stale smoke wafted from the fabric of the seats.  Disgusting.  My nose is still running and my chest hurts from trying to hold my breath.

Would it have been too much to roll down the window even though it was 38F?  I didn't have time to call another cab but would that have been okay?


Anonymous said...

I roll down the windows all the time. There is no way they don't know the cab smells. They just don't care.


Anonymous said...

Roll down the window a little! Or better yet, try to find a cab company that doesn't allow smoking in their cars and enforces the rule. (We have one like that here.)

Denae said...

K next time I plan ahead and ask about the smoking!