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Sunday, 17 January 2010
Pimsleur's Spanish I and II - going well so far.  I'm to disc 7 on the first unit and I can't wait to try out my skills in the Yucatan peninsula later this week.

Show of Hands, novel by Anthony McCarten.

Ad Nauseam, A Survivor's Guide to American Consumer Culture edited by Carrie McLaren and Jason Torchinsky

...and one I purchased last week, The Best of Friends, a memoir written by Sara James and Ginger Mauney.

I finished Shattered Dreams, My Life as a Polygamist's Wife which was by far the most shocking book I've read in a long time  (non-fiction about a woman's life and fight for her kids in plural marriage).  Hopefully this week I'll have time to post a proper review.  Excellent story telling and inspirational if you feel you're in a corner with some aspect of your life.

Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness was fantastic and a lovely read for anyone who has ever adored wildlife but felt a little hemmed-in by concrete and subdivisions.  The first 3 chapters are slow but by the end of the book, I began noticing animals and birds in my neighborhood and I feel more educated about how to protect urban wildlife.

Okay, my favorite part -- your reading list this week??


Anonymous said...

What books were your top five favorites for 2009? I could use some suggestions to combat crippling indecision in the paperback aisle.
I'm reading "Sophie's World" by Jostein Gaarder, it's both a novel and a guide to philosophy. It was originally written in Norwegian, so the language can be a little clunky. Good for brushing up on the stuff I learned in Philosophy 101, but not exactly a page turner.

<3 Mel

JJ said...

Since you liked Crow Planet,I might recommend "Last child in the woods: Saving our children from nature-deficit syndrome". A great book written by Richard Louv.

Denae said...

Mel - I'll have to put together a blog post on top 2009 books. Lemme think about it.

JJ - Great suggestion!