Having Fun

Thursday, 28 January 2010

We were so happy to have safe travels south to Mexico.  Kingsley arrived at the Cancun airport about an hour before I did and we celebrated by having a Cornona at the Welcome Bar just outside the terminal.  We aren't necessarily nervous seeing one another but there is about a 10 minute adjustment period where we assimilate from seeing one each other on a web cam to in person.

The celebratory mood continued into the evening and we decided to take Bus R2 into the city of Cancun out of the flashy hotel zone where the tourists hang on their way to Senor Frogs (dance club).  We went to an authentic Mexican restaurant and Kingsley suggested we try Tequila.  If a restaurant is worth it's salt, it will have a Tequila menu and this place did (sorry I don't know the name but I'll try to post that later).  We had the most lovely pollo con limon soup (chicken and lime) and shrimp cerviche (chopped shrimp with fresh tomato, onions, garlic, lime and Cilantro).  Here's the sign for el bano:

This Cuervo 1800, aged 2 years, was my favorite.  We tried more than one (I don't know why...).

You can tell from this picture I'm thinking:  "Um...what the heck am I doing having another Tequila?"

The next day for lunch we went to the Shrimp Bucket and the waiter talked Kingsley into having "the large cerveza" which was served in the traditional cheesy plastic novelty glass.  He was impressed since he's never seen one like it (he's from South Africa).

I went for the "girl's cerveza" even though it was still quite large.

Don't worry, the rest of our time in Mexico has included a sober appreciation of culture, art and touring the Yucatan.  We just had to act a little crazy at first to prove we're not too old yet.  (Although we both had massive headaches after the Tequila night, I had to take a nap and Kingsley fell asleep at 9 the next night.)


Anonymous said...

So happy for you! And love the dark hair...

Chris F. said...

Sounds like fun! I enjoyed the pictures.

Ted Stryk said...

The fifth picture is a framer. It looks almost like a great candid action shot. Looks like you two are having a blast!

Tina L. Hook said...

Yeah!!! I am happy to hear about the fun tequila induced reunion. You must be on cloud nine.

Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I loved this post so much you inspired me to do a shot of the Cuervo 1800 last night. Very good! In Budapest they do their shots of tequila with an orange sprinkled with cinnamon. Yummy!
I love the new darker hair!

<3 Mel

Denae said...

Tequilla is nice if enjoyed in a mature way...haaaaaaaaa. The bartenders gave us little shots of tomato juice to follow one of the varieties. That was a nice twist on the lime and salt chaser.