Nutria Alive and Well

Tuesday, 12 January 2010
Have you ever heard of Nutria?  We have the occasional news story about the rodent-like creatures but I sort of didn't believe they were real.  Until now.

They look like HUGE rats but they are also sort-of bulky like a beaver.  The best feature?  They have ORANGE teeth.  Here's a picture of one:

I went to Goodwill to donate some items before the end of the tax year and as I drove around the back (near the creek) I noticed something really large moving through the grass.  I thought it was a raccoon and then I thought it was a possum but no!  It was my first Nutria.  Oregon is my wilderness.


Michiel Tjitze Willems said...

what sweet animal. and I love the orange teeth! It looks almost surreal.

Chris F. said...

Interesting sight. Having orange teeth would make them a welcome sight in East Tennessee.

Anonymous said...

so now i know who has been drinking all the fanta orange soda
i love it can we get 1 pook

Denae said...

It is CREEPY and strange. Never seen one before moving to Oregon.