Our Hair

Tuesday, 12 January 2010
Kingsley (hairdresser) finally convinced me at the age of 30 to buy professional hair products on a regular basis.  I would usually buy conditioner or a styling product here and there but I just hated paying exorberant prices.  Why not buy Pantene from Rite Aid for $4.50 when a bottle of Paul Mitchell is $14.50? 

Kingsley:  Don't you buy expensive makeup?
Me:  Yes, but I need MAC makeup to look good on camera.
Kingsley:  You need nice hair products to look good on camera.  Your hair is so dry.  Trust me, don't get too close to any open flames.
Me:  .... Fine. 
Kingsley:  Thank you.
Me:  Is it okay if I buy the cheapest professional products I can find?
Kingsley:  As long as they are authentic, yes, that's fine.   Also, no body-enhancing products.  Go for moisture. 

Now I buy PM on a regular basis and do conditioning treatments (towell dry your hair after you shampoo, comb through you conditioner and leave it on for five minutes) once or twice a week.  Yes, I can tell a difference in the quality of my hair but I don't know if anyone else can. 

Isn't our hair a funny thing?  Some people worship their long locks, others could care less and do a wash-and-go routine every morning. 

But what, may I ask, is this guy doing??  He came through a grocery store line during a live shot for NBC 5 News at 10 and the reporter got his DO on camera.  (Courtesy Failblog)


Anonymous said...

I haven't ever been convinced to buy salon products either. Herbal Essence and Fructis all the way!

Let me know if you think it is worth it.


Amber said...

I'm with CC. My hair is already shiny and looks good to me, at least. I may change my mind on the expensive products as I get older and my hair loses its natural luster, but for now, I don't see a reason to spend the $$. That is my opinion as a 30-yr-old. 35 may be different.

BUT, in marriage, you have to pick your battles. Smart move to go with your hubby on this one!

Tina L. Hook said...

I suppose we are all subject to the professional obsessions of our partners. My Hubs chases me around with a stethoscope every time I sneeze. You, darling, will have beautiful hair. It is your destiny.

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, I am 58 years old with some gray hair left -- I am taking Kingley's advice. I moving up from the 99cent bottle of shampoo to the $2.00 bolttle - a huge improvement. Think it looks better already. Yep, it does.

Anonymous said...

find me a hairdresser who tells you that the store bought $4.50 product is just as good as the $14.50 one and I will show you "the real mccoy"

Denae said...

Thanks for all the comments!
So the "nicer?" hair products do seem to make a difference BUT my hair is not as light anymore so therefore not as over-processed. Upon consultation, Kingsley says if you are going to spend money on one professional product, go for the conditioner. Also cheap hair spray is just as good as the expensive stuff if you really want hold.