Reporting in Haiti

Wednesday, 13 January 2010
UPDATE:  Looks like I'm not going.   I originally booked the tickets but backed out after watching hours of CBS network coverage.  This is not child's play (people are sleeping in the parking lots instead of in hotels) and it would be silly to go there alone.  We'll get 'em next time!

As you've heard by now Haiti suffered a 7.0 earthquake that did major damage to the capital, Port-Au-Prince.  There's not even a casualty count at this point because the situation is so grim.  There's just massive devastation so rescue crews are still organizing.

A Western Eugene organization has started an orphanage near the capital and missionaries from Thurston Christian Church (local) are serving there.  I've volunteered to pay my way to Haiti and report for KVAL and other Fisher stations.  My news director has just approved my request and I'm waiting to see what Kingsley says.  I'd rather not pursue this without his support.

This is obviously a very serious assignment but one I wish to pursue for my career and experience.  I have covered other natural disasters (major tornadoes, massive forest fires in Tennessee) but this will be my first earthquake.

I feel calm but nervous as I wait to talk to Kingsley again before I book my plane ticket.  I won't touch down in PAP until Thursday since I'm so far West.


Anonymous said...

Wow - would have been a great opportunity, but a scary one too. Probably best to have a support system in place.


Denae said...

I agree. Feeling a bit cowardly but this would be a hard one without a travel buddy.