Sad Events

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Used to be, while covering a tragic news story, I wouldn't even flinch.  I had thick skin just like the above journalist.

Me as a reporter in my 20s:

Devastating Fire (No emotional reaction)
Deadly Car Accident (No emotional reaction)
Child Abused and Killed (-Gulp- No emotional reaction)

As a journalist you certainly lean to compartmentalize the sad events that shape the newscasts.  But this week one of our news stories crept into my psyche. 

We covered a car accident Tuesday night in which a 3 year old little girl was killed.  Her mother survived. 

That night at home, I was feeling just wrung out.  Sad.  But why?  After thinking about it, I felt the news story about the death heavy on my shoulders.  The little girl.  I can't imagine being a mother, on your way to the hospital with your own injuries, knowing that your daughter has died.

This has been a rough week for all of us.  It isn't easy to see devastation play out without being able to offer relief to hurting.  We should take a little time to be thankful for what we have and send peaceful, comforting energy to those who have lost so much. 

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Anonymous said...

Agree with your comments 100%. Once you have kids, your eyes are opened up to so much more and you don't take for granted the little things. More so, the 3 year old death you write about will certainly have more meaning for those who currently have or have had a 3 year old. The love is priceless.