Unsolicited Advice to Conan

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I understand that you are upset but let's not be silly here.  You are the new guy on the block when it comes to late night television and you have a lot of growing to do.  Let's swallow our pride here, take emotion out of it and think about what you're doing.  You are going to quit one of the best jobs out there? 

Conan, how much money do you make, really?  I would imagine a pretty penny.  This is about your pride and you are failing the test.  Many of your audience members DVR your show anyway so it doesn't matter when you're on and it's not like you have to come into work any later in the day.

See, I was once in a similar situation.  At the age of 26 I got passed over for a major promotion and my boss asked a colleague to tell me.  I was humiliated and it felt just awful.  So I did what you seem to be doing now.  I put up a stink and threw my toys out of the cart and quit my job.  Guess what?  People cared for about a week and I burned a bridge.  NOT worth it!  Even if you are furious...keep your head on and don't threaten to quit.   

I understand you feel you have a lot of fans that are rooting for you but you don't have as many as you think.  Yes, you could do very well if FOX offers you a show but why act like an ass right now?  You are highly paid, have your own show and you are the low man on the totum pole.  Plus, you're not very funny.  Forced comedy is not my style but that's not the point.  Whether or not NBC is messing with you (and they are somewhat) you look like a diva.  The network is trying to boost ratings again so local affiliates can sell more advertising.  It's not about you so keep your dignity. 

What do you think about the late night tv shake up?

Disclaimer:  I know Conan O'Brien does not know me and does not care one red cent about my opinion but hey, makes for great blog material.


Ted Stryk said...

Well, I thought Leno was a better host and was sad to see him go. I have never considered Conan funny. So I am biased here.

Chris F. said...

Excellent posting. I need not say more.

Denae said...

Thanks for the comments. I am a Craig Ferguson fan and of course I adore Dave.

Julie said...

I don't think he's being an ass-- he had a contract, waited 6 years for the position, and finally, his time had come. He's not the new kid-- Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Kimmel are greener-- he's been doing this a long time. Leno failed at his 10 PM timeslot, which says more about Leno and bad decision making by NBC than it does Conan. Imagine if you'd have gotten that promotion and then had it taken away from you because the person who was there before wanted their gig back. That's a breach of contract.

Denae said...

Julie - you're right! I guess when I say low man... I mean compared to Leno and others in the time slot (Dave). We actually don't know what's in Conan's contract. If NBC truly had a breach (they'll find a loop hole in the language) I doubt they'd try to move him back. I'm just sayin' - why complain when you have so much going for you already and you're ratings aren't that great to begin with... Leno's a sinking ship. He won't be around much longer.