Wildlife Rules

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I was driving back to work from a quick dinner break this week and a very large doe stepped into the road.  It was dark but I could see her in my headlights and I slowed down.  She didn't move an inch so I stopped a few feet from her.

No movement.  I inched forward and she just looked my way.  I honked my horn and she didn't even flinch.  Instead, the dear deer slowly swung her head my way and GLARED.  I was chastised by a deer!  I didn't dare honk again and she eventually trotted off.  That's Oregon for you.  Wildlife rules.

In my home, it's the same thing.  Violet the cat is the boss.  When I'm in the kitchen for some reason she doesn't like it.  She'll sneak in behind me and scare the dickens out of me by meowing LOUDLY in a very whiny way.  She never meows so when she does I jump into action to make sure she's not dying.  She isn't.  She's just looking at me like "Why are you upsetting me by standing in the kitchen?!"  Kittehs.  So funny.


Ern Malleyscrub said...

Dear Denae, Thanks for a nice warm hearted blog. Good work for driving so well and not hurting yourself or wildlife. Your wedding day photo looks beautiful and I scroll down to see...shoes! Clothes! Delicious recipes and photos of food!
You've got the domestic scene totally happening, and it's great to see your love for life expressed this way.
Thanks for making the world a better place from your corner of it.
G'day from Australia!

Ted Stryk said...

You have no idea the power Cato and his greed have in our house. I literally am up at night as much for him as for Eli. With it being so cold, he is getting increasingly frustrated because he can't go outside (he's allowed, but he only lasts about ten minutes before he comes back).

Denae said...

David - Such a pleasure to hear from you and THANK YOU for visiting my blog. My "domestic" side while it does come out is a far second to my professional ambitions but really - is there anything better than good food and wine??

Ted - Thank you for being a cat lover. My husband and you will hopefully some day meet. He adores animals but hates it (quietly) when they win. Haaaaa! Cato is my hero and Eli is THE coolest.

Amber said...

My cat Penny likes to sneak up behind me when I'm working at my computer desk. She'll reach up to tap me on the butt with her paw before she sprints off. The surprise of it usually makes me shriek and jump out of my chair. She gets me EVERY TIME!

Anonymous said...

I have learned from Denae's other cat that humans are just the volunteer staff when it comes to cats.

Ted Stryk said...

Thanks! I definitely look forward to meeting him. BTW, Cato is going absolutely insane with these sub-freezing temperatures.