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Sunday, 21 February 2010
The more I get into my hobby of hand selecting and selling excellent condition vintage clothes, the more I find women who have been doing it forever (it seems) and are so fabulous at their craft.  Take, for instance, Thrush Vintage.  This seller is FANTASTIC.  She's sold more than a thousand items on Etsy and her photography is perfect.  If I could interview her I'd ask:

1.  Do you take your own pictures?
2.  How do you get such perfect lighting?
3.  How do you decide on your pricing scale?
4.  What are your tips for selecting the vintage items in demand?
5.  What's the story behind your rose tattoo?

I added the link to this site, you should check it out if you have time.

Vintage clothing is becoming popular for the "green" aspect of buying something that is recycled.  Granted, you may HATE vintage styles but there are black dresses with the BEST cuts by designers you may love for sale on the web right now.  For instance, I really like this wool 1960s Frank Usher black shift dress.  Simple with great detailing.

How do you successfully shop for a dress on-line and ensure that it fits?  Take a dress that is "fitted" (not just knit, free flowing) and lay it flat on the ground.  Take a tape measure and measure the waist, hips and bust.  For instance, my dress is Waist 14 1/2" Hips 16" Bust 15."  Use that while shopping and if the dress you like on-line equals those measurements, the garment will likely fit.  Or, it the measurements given are in the 20s just double your measurements.

Here's an item that just sold from my store, Black Violet Vintage:

The back has a keyhole cut out and a pearl button.  The waist ties for an extra cinch.  Add heel and oh so pretty!  

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